Talking Matter
Hosted for residency in Folkestone, 2023

Talking Matter | Iginio De Luca & Luis Do Rosario

As the vibrant echoes of artistic exploration reverberate, we reflect on the transformative residency of Italian-based artists Iginio De Luca and Luis Do Rosario in Folkestone. Curated by Jacob Bray and as part of the MagiC Carpets platform, these two visionary artists delved deep into the identity and memory of this seaside town, creating an immersive experience that seamlessly blended sound and image.

We invited the community of local residents and those who would not usually engage in artistic practice to join us for a welcome drink and discussion at Urban Room Folkestone. The evening was a chance for the community to meet the artists and for Luis and Iginio to state their artistic intentions. The evening was a great success and almost everybody that attended signed up to get involved with the residency.

The residency unfolded with three reflective and immersive workshops on Saturday, September 28, and Monday, September 30. Participants were invited to explore the creative and sensory potential of objects significant to them, bridging the gap between sound and image in a truly unique way. The artists facilitated a tactile journey, where the contact of hands with the surfaces of these objects became a poignant pretext for creating a distinctive sound and photographic language. This process served as a means to catalogue historical, emotional, and biographical presences in an ethereal, immaterial manner.

Iginio De Luca, a multi-faceted Italian artist, seamlessly navigates between performance, installation, video work, and the visual arts. Currently teaching Decoration and Multimedia Installations at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, his diverse expertise contributes to the richness of the collaborative experience.

Luis Do Rosario, a Mozambique-born Portuguese artist now residing in Rome, brings a background in architecture to his artistic pursuits. Graduating in 1994 from the “ESBAL – School of Fine Arts in Lisbon,” Portugal, he has left an indelible mark with published books and exhibitions in Lisbon and Rome. Together, Iginio and Luis form a dynamic duo whose artistic synergy breathes life into the spaces they inhabit.

The culmination of their residency is the sound and photography installation titled ‘Talking Matter.’ This captivating work is a testament to the collaborative spirit that permeated their time in Folkestone. Inspired and formed from workshops held in collaboration with local residents, ‘Talking Matter’ stands as an embodiment of the collective identity and stories of the community.

On Saturday, November 4, between 12 pm and 5 pm, ‘Talking Matter’ opens its doors to the public at The Urban Room Folkestone. This exhibition is the culmination of weeks of artistic exploration, workshops, and interactions with the local community. It invites visitors to witness the transformative power of art in shaping narratives and preserving the essence of a place.

The installation reflects the artists’ deep engagement with Folkestone’s residents, creating a space where the historical, emotional, and biographical dimensions of the community are captured and immortalised. ‘Talking Matter’ serves as a portal into the collective memory of Folkestone, where the resonance of sound and the visage of images intertwine to tell a story that transcends time.

Join us in celebrating the culmination of Iginio De Luca and Luis Do Rosario’s residency. Experience the immersive journey they undertook, exploring the in-between spaces of sound and image, and witness the manifestation of these explorations in ‘Talking Matter.’ The Urban Room Folkestone becomes a gallery of sensory delights, inviting you to engage with the artistic echoes left behind by these visionary artists who embraced Folkestone’s identity with open hearts and creative minds.

Luis & Iginio will be back in Folkestone to present another rendition of the work for the Profound Sound festival early 2024.


Curatorial text by Jacob Bray