May 10, 2021


Lucie Dhermain (France), Iva Perućič and Maja Šušak – Colectivo Paprat (Croatia) are the selected artists for the artistic residencies in the fourth and last year of the Magic Carpets project (Creative Europe), to be held in Guimarães between 1 August to 3 September, through Ideias Emergentes / Contextile biennial, curated by Cláudia Melo.

SLOW JOURNEY – FOR A CRITIC OF THE URGENCY is the curatorial proposal for this year and points out the need for a critic of the urgent, critical awareness of the individual and collective, revealed through the idea of the artist as a flaneur (paths and city).

These artistic residencies will also be integrated into the program of the Bairro C project, led by the Municipality of Guimarães and in which Ideias Emergentes / Contextile has an active participation as a co-organizing entity. Bairro C aims to the discursive consubstantiation of the territory’s development strategy based on Culture, Knowledge, Science and Creativity in close connection with the Community.

Stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming Residency.