Socially Inclusive Art Exhibition „Bridging the Gap“
Nov 22, 2023


The socially inclusive art exhibition “Bridging the Gap” (Bendrystės link) of the art residency platform “Magic Carpets“ and the Centre for People with Disabilities “Korys” will be opened at Friday, November 24th, 11:00 in the VMU Art Gallery “101” (Muitines st. 7, Kaunas). This exhibition seeks to highlight the processes of bridging the social divide and changing cultural consciousness.

It is an exhibition about communities and the desire to cultivate solidarity and mutual understanding. It is not exhaustive; workshops, talks, and new works will enter the gallery space during the exhibition. The format is intended to draw attention to the fact that there is no end point on the road to a more open and united society.

The phenomena of the art world, actively contributing to the change, should not have a finite result either; they should either symbolically or directly express a continuous process.

The Centre for People with Disabilities “Korys” is a Kaunas-based organisation for those in need of special attention. It is a social care organisation that aims to change the way that the abilities and possibilities of people with disabilities are viewed and to portray them as independent, full-fledged, talented, and self-reliant individuals.

“Magic Carpets” is an international art residency platform connecting twenty cultural organisations from all over Europe, promoting collaboration and co-creation between emerging artists and involving communities in the creative process. The platform’s projects aim to foster solidarity, increase mutual understanding, and reduce cultural and social exclusion.

We hope that the community of Vytautas Magnus University will join in the collaborative processes to consolidate existing links and foster new dialogues between members of various communities.

Exhibition will be open until December 22nd.


Curated by Jura Lazauskaite

Participating artists: Mantas Stabacinskas, Vasara Visockaite, Georg Wieser, Justinas Razgus, Simona Zilevičiute, Evelina Urbonaviciute, Virginija Sidaraite, Andrius Ambrukaitis, Vytis Daunoravicius, Ina Skrebyte and Kristina Nargelaite.

Coordinated by Milda Gineikaite, Kristina Nargelaite and Brigita Bareikyte

Graphic design by Titas Glotnis

Funded by the European Union and the Lithuanian Council for Culture.