Feb 03, 2021


Svidanka” was an outcome of five months, eighty skype conversations and one-month live workshop period, implemented by the creative team – director Alberto Di Gennaro, dance dramaturg Linda Krūmiņa, non-formal education practitioner Lauma Žubule and producer Sandra Lapkovska, who worked together with youngsters from Cēsis Educational Institution for Minors (CAIN).
During those months, Mārtiņš, Cigans, Semanuels, Rafaels, Liepājnieks, Roberts, Kaspars, Pushkin, Jautrais Andris and Pēteris through conversations, discussions, moments of silence and laughs and through a lot of Q&A sessions, shared their life stories with the team.

At the moment, they share one physical space, but the stories of growth and unanswered questions about time inside, outside, before and after the institution, are very individual for each of them.

The Residency implemented in the New Theatre Institute of Latvia and presented at the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre “Homo Novus”.

More stories from the boys –