Ukrainian artistic duo OPEN PLACE in Innsbruck
Jul 07, 2023

Open Place Innsbruck 2023

In June and July, as part of Magic Carpets, we welcomed the Ukrainian artists Yulia Kostereva and Yuriy Kruchak with their platform “Open Place” as artists-in-residence at openspace.innsbruck. During their stay, the two artists, which were nominated by the “Magic Carpets” platform partner “Jam Factory Art Center” (Liviv, Ukraine), will be working on the theme “Common Landscape” together with local experts, communities and partner organizations, institutions.

During their stay, the artists will hold meetings with different protagonists active in field of migration. Migration and challenges that arise because of migration, is the starting point of Open Place’s research. Migration is understood as a process of transition, which is fundamental to so much of contemporary life. People migrate between identities, countries, languages, economic realities, genders, political beliefs, contexts. Open Place is aimed to record diverse experiences and to create a political and social document collectively. The activity in Innsbruck follows Open Place’s ongoing goal to bring together different perspectives into a universal message, offering strategies and tactics that we can all access.

Next to that, they will hold and create on daily basis spaces for encounter and exchange wit divers citizens groups , where they will share practices and thoughts, experiences and stories. Most of the sessions will take place at our venue openspce.innsbruck

In addition, the artists will hold a deepening course and offer an inspiring learning format for the participants of the Kunstraum Innsbruck Summer School on July 1st and 2nd in openspace- Mentlgasse. As part of the same program, an artist talk will take place at Kunstraum Innsbruck on July 7th.

During the course, participants will work with the different semantic layers of Innsbruck and its various intersections, such as objects of material and immaterial memory, nature, people, infrastructure, activities, or influences. Doing so, they will utilise drawing and linocut as means of communication and learn more about the techniques various histories as well as connected theoretical approaches.

In the last week of the residency, the landscapes collected through the artists’ meetings, workshops and the course will be interwoven with other narratives and presented in a sitespecific installation in the public space.

Since the program of the residence will develop alongside the artists’ working process, we will keep you updated on possible changes and further activities.


Open Place (Yulia Kostereva and Yuriy Kruchak)

Open Place is an interdisciplinary platform founded by the Ukrainian artists Yulia Kostereva and Yuriy Kruchak. It aims to hold meetings, conduct joint actions and propose possible prospects on the intersection of art, politics and socio-cultural transition. The projects of Open Space aim to expand the understanding of art and invite new groups of people into the creative process.

About “Kolaboratorium “- Magic Carpets Project Cycle Innsbruck 2022 – 2025


Every year, we invite artists to respond to local and global issues, everyday situations and the regional challenges of Innsbruck. Our activities focus on individuals, communities and initiatives that make change on the ground. We are interested in collective coexistence, the development of horizontal structures, trust and informal learning opportunities. Within the current, three-year “Magic Carpets” project cycle called “Kolaboratorium” we aim to create a safe space for artistic experimentation that serves the collection, expansion and cultivation of multiple perspectives to encourage critical reflection and action. This includes making, exchange, engagement and inspiring learning formats for and with the local and regional cultural landscape through meaningful collaborations.


Our main local partner in 2023 is Kunstraum Innsbruck and its Summer School.

Together, we will convey critical knowledge and work on questions of current socio-political relevance. Doing so, we allow the resident artists to connect with the diverse stories, currents and dynamics of the city. The Summer School is a place to investigate the manifold relationship between nature and human activity exploring related topics.We will try to raise and try to answer questions as: What affects our common environment at this moment? Can we (re)imagine the links, relations, resistances, needs, infrastructures and desires that vibrate in our surroundings? And how can we detect, connect, engage and support essential processes to understand and see the things we imagine?


Summer School

Kunstraum Innsbruck is an art institution and exhibition space that facilitates encounters with contemporary art and presents aesthetic concepts. The second edition of the Summer School is curated by Ivana Marjanović and Magdalena Saxer in cooperation with Danijela Oberhofer Tonković. The Kunstraum Innsbruck SummerSchool takes place from 30.06. till 09.07.2023 and interweaves artistic practice and critical knowledge, cultural production and questions of current socio-political negotiations.

Course “Common Landscape”
Saturday, 01.07.2023: 10 to 2 AM at openspace innsbruck
Sunday, 02.07.2023: 10 to 2 AM at openspace innsbruck

Artist Talk
Friday, 07.07.2023: 7 PM at Kunstraum Innsbruck


Partners and Supporters in 2023:

Jam Factory Art Center

Jam Factory Art Center (Liviv, Ukraine) is our international Magic Carpets platform partnerin focus this year. This contemporary art institution actively operates within two main areas:the revitalisation process of the forme industrial complex they operate in and the development of artistic projects in the areas of visual art, theatre and music.

Ukrainian Institute
The Ukrainian Institute is an organisation promoting better knowledge and understanding ofUkraine internationally and develops cultural relations between Ukraine and other countries.


In response to the war against Ukraine and the hardship many artists art facing as a result of it, the Republic of Austria shows solidarity: a coordination office – the »Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian Artists« – has been set up for Ukrainian artists. It serves as a platform for the coordination of various initiatives by civil society as well as by institutions and acts as a liaison between the institutions in Austria and cultural workers from Ukraine.



Open Place and Magic Carpets Austria