What’s Happening, Exactly?
Oct 12, 2020


Folkestone Festival asks us to rediscover the place we live, and imagine a future beyond the current global issues we are facing

● Folkestone’s #FestivalofLooking presents What’s Happening, Exactly? a weekend arts festival, contending with the momentous changes happening within Folkestone and across the world. Produced by Folkestone Fringe and hosted in
partnership with Urban Room Folkestone, to celebrate the diversity of and connection to Folkestone.

● Running 15th – 18th October in venues across Folkestone: Brewery Tap UCA Project Space; Customs House; Payers Park, Urban Room Folkestone and online

● Celebrating Black History Month with insightful voices, the festival platforms discussions and workshops which explore the lived experiences of black men in the UK, interracial relationships and white privilege, and contextualises these important topics in the local landscape.

● Seeking to address further issues of Isolation, the Festival of Looking presents engaging, COVID secure workshops from local platforms The AntiDiary and MySquare.

With events formed through the lens of Folkestone, The Festival Of Looking aims to explore and reflect on who we are, how we got here and where we are going, to challenge what we consider and accept as ‘Normal’. We are taking an active stance against our circumstances, locally and globally, and asking: What’s Happening, Exactly?

The festival is delivering hope and inspiration in a way that engages and showcases the best of the town. We are proud of our town and hope to create and nurture meaningful connections with residents and visitors that explore and challenge our ever-changing landscape.

For more information please visit the festival webpage in here.