Elena Mazzi
Apr 27, 2020

Full name: Elena Mazzi

Organisation: Latitudo, Rome, Italy

Currently lives and works in: Italy

Practice: Visual artist

My poetics deal with the relationship between the man and the environment he lives in and has to reckon with in everyday life. Mostly following an anthropological approach, this analysis investigates and documents an identity both personal and collective, relating to a specific territory, and giving rise to different forms of exchange and transformation.

Areas of interest: Visual arts, social sciences, nature, travelling, swimming

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets: To develop my career, meet artists, collaborate, learn, and explore Berlin.

What inspires you as an artist? The world we live in.

MagiC Carpets project: The artist, after all, is (not) working

The final project consists of a workshop; this is the result of a two-month research, during which I asked myself and other actors of the artistic community in Berlin how knowledge can support togetherness, and what does it mean to be supportive in the cultural industry.
During this research process, I wanted to discuss the precarious work realities that dominate the sector of visual arts  by meeting artists, organizations, associations, institutional projects willing to open up to discuss and exchange. In this phase, I also collected a few research studies that have been carried out in other countries, and which, through data, writing, texts, graphics, open letters and videos, have been able to question the sensible topic of sustainable economy in the field of art. I found research studies made by W.A.G.E. and Art Workers collective, a good tool to introduce the discussion around mechanisms for self-regulation in the field of art.
I then I decided to share my path with Heartistic collective, a Berlin-based group, the aim of which is to raise awareness among artists* about the patterns they develop by living in a neo-capitalist society and provide them with a space and some tools to get supported and empowered. These tools include embodiment and practices of solidarity and appreciation.

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

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