Mar 16, 2024

MC Laura Słowa by Wojciech Chrubasik

Confession defines me as an artist. For years, I have been deeply inspired by one of my favorite artists, Tracy Emin, and how she beautifully portrays her personal experiences in life. Similarly, I have also been expressing myself through my art, drawing from my own experiences, although I wasn’t fully aware of it until I saw how other admired artists reveal themselves through their expressive dilemmas. Embracing my own experiences and using them as a driving force behind my art, I tap into a rich source of inspiration and authenticity. Everything I create revolves around themes of memory, reality, presence, and dissonance.

Currently based in Wroclaw (Poland), I am writing my Ph.D. about the local techno music dance scene and vibrational assembly. My artistic practice is interdisciplinary and includes photography, installation, printing, and video work. My work evolves through various formats and aesthetics, methodologies, and poetics. In the past year, I have focused more on the primordial way of expression through art, performative movement, and sound.

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Why are you a part of Magic Carpets: Being invited by Paulina Brelińska after she reviewed my portfolio was an incredible opportunity to join a platform that celebrates diverse forms of art and people. The excitement I felt was immense, knowing that I would now have the chance to be part of a community that actively supports and promotes various artistic expressions.

Magic Carpets project | In&Out In collab. With Laura Adel

Together with Laura Adel (intermedia artist), the audience will experience a collusion of differences merged together in an audio-visual performance. What we have in common is the very intimate and reflective way of creation. However, our approaches differ on a large scale. We come from different backgrounds and cultural environments, and even our everyday lives are complete opposites. Recently, I went through an accident which forced me to confine my life inside my home, cutting off interactions and experiences from the outside world. Meanwhile, Laura was always in a continuous state of active action, preoccupied with her personal artistic creation. For this event, we have decided to share our creative process and communicate through images and sounds.

We have split our show into two pieces – one more experimental and abstract, and another more harmonic and expressive – as this combination clearly reflects our personalities.

What can be expected? The set will be divided into two parts: one in Laura’s style, which will be dark and more experimental, and the other in the style of my approach, which will be more danceable and full of light. The danceable part will have an organic, linear or composed-of-points design, while the experimental part will be a collision of geometry and softness, with gradients, blurs, and waves, resembling more of a collage-like composition. Both pieces will be audio-reactive and monochromatic.

Past projects


“Hey Lublin. We create a better everyday life for many people.”

Type: Installation

The art installation continues to make immense psychological contributions to the world around us, enhancing well-being through enjoyment and revelation, expression of emotion, shaping of self, connections with people and culture, with the potential for exciting experiences. My project is about interaction with one simple element: light. Each study that came after the idea aims to expand its beneficial purpose in our lives and our environment.

What inspires you as an artist? As an artist, I find inspiration in the ordinary moments of life, whether they bring joy or adversity. From the simplest gestures to the grandest events, I immerse myself in the essence of existence, seeking to capture the emotions and nuances that unfold in the spectrum of human experiences.

What do you think is the purpose of art? Art has the power to serve as a medium for introspection, self-expression, and sharing one’s unique perspective with the world.


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