Hunay Saday
Aug 18, 2021

Hunay Saday

Currently lives and works in: Strasbourg, France

Practice: Analog Photography, Filmmaking, Visual Art

Born in 1996 in Azerbaijan, I have been actively practicing analog photography since 2011.

I recently graduated from European Film College in Denmark where I studied directing, cinematography and production as well as 16mm analog filmmaking. Currently working on my upcoming projects including one 16mm video-art installation project.

Areas of interest: Literature, cinema, electronic music, art.


MagiC Carpets project

MagiC Carpets project

6-month Online Art Residency Accompanied by a Long-term Mentorship Program & Production Grant for South Caucasian Women Photographers mentored by Newsha Tavakolian/Magnum Photos was implemented in the period of April–September 2021. See more about the Residency in here.


Past projects you are proud of:

The departure


One evening in front of a bar, Hunay bumps into an acquaintance, Benjamin. He recently visited her native country, Azerbaijan, which she had to flee in 2011 with her family for political reasons. A precipitous departure which has resulted in her feeling further and further removed from her hometown, family, and childhood memories every day. What happens when we can no longer return to our hometown, when our childhood memories are fading away? Can memories stay alive through someone else’s?

What inspires you as an artist? Simple moments, looking at nature, feeling the wind, the present moment, reading poetry, looking at a film negative, listening to a friend.

What do you think is the purpose of art? To remember us why we breathe every day and why we are alive.

Your favourite book(s): Alessandro Baricco – City, Gaston Bachelard – Water and Dreams

Your favourite film(s): Persona, Stalker, In the Mood for Love, Through the Olive Trees, La Jetée

Contact information

Email: [email protected] | Instagram |

Hunay Saday_The Dress_(35mm film)