Mariam Amurvelashvili
Oct 23, 2021

Practice: Photography. I work on documentary photo projects, but at the same time I do personal projects. My interests switch constantly between what is interesting inside, and what is interesting in the outside world.

When I first engaged in photography, the most important for me were composition, light and technical characteristics of an image. Now I want a picture which stays in my mind emotionally or makes me think a lot, I want to see a clear idea, and the psychological depth of an image.

Areas of interest: Film photography, personal projects, portraiture, documentary.

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets: I’m happy I got an opportunity to win artistic residency and grant program organized by Tbilisi Photo Festival and supported by MagiC Carpets.

MagiC Carpets project

MagiC Carpets project

6-month Online Art Residency Accompanied by a Long-term Mentorship Program & Production Grant for South Caucasian Women Photographers mentored by Newsha Tavakolian/Magnum Photos was implemented in the period of April–September 2021. See more about the Residency in here.

Title: Loneliness in the city

Words that associate with year 2020 the most, are isolation and loneliness, in fact, these feelings also persist this year as well. No one knows what kind of impact will fear, panic, hopelessness, and uncertainty have on our inner peace and our future. This series is a reflection of these feelings.


Past projects you are proud of:

I dedicated my personal project Endless Question to my children. It was published as a photo book in 2016 by the Italian publisher “Damiani”.

Type: Dance, painting, performance, etc.

What inspires you as an artist? Everything what makes me feel and think can inspire me, be it a book, a poem, a film, meeting someone interesting and the sea.

What do you think is the purpose of art? The purpose of art is self-expression and to make people to stop for a while and look at the things from different, unusual perspective, to understand that there can always be something to discover.

Your favourite book(s): Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann, Der Steppenwolf Hermann Hesse, Mario Vargas Llosa, Philip Roth, Daniel Pennac, Michel Houellebecq.

Your favourite film(s): Krzystof Kieslowski (red, blue, white) trilogy. Wim Wenders Paris Texas, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen and many more.

Contact information

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