Matthias Krinzinger
May 11, 2020

Full name: Matthias Krinzinger

Organisation: openspace.innsbruck

Currently lives and works in: Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria

Practice: Observing, Thinking, Creating, Reviewing, Destroying, Creating…

Matthias Krinzinger (b.1982 in Innsbruck, Austria) studied Sculpture and Media Art under Erwin Wurm at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and graduated in 2012 under Martin Walde. In addition to participations in national and international exhibitions, Krinzinger manages and organizes exhibitions himself.

Social interactions, the use of familiar objects and the staging of everyday situations are the focus of his interest.

Areas of interest: Watching TV, collecting stuff, finding mushrooms, table tennis, melting metal.

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets: Fortune or determination.

What inspires you as an artist? That is a corporate secret.

What do you think is the purpose of art? Art is the most general condition of the past in the present.” Susan Sontag.

Your favourite book(s): Another Primordial Day: The Paleo Metal Diaries by Mats E. Eriksson.

Your favourite film(s): Trading Places.

MagiC Carpets project: Superorganism

Dinamo always wins (and loses)

The color of the football club Dinamo Zagreb is blue. In the exhibition area, there was the fan shop of “BadBlueBoys”, the fan association of Dinamo. On the day of the exhibition, I organised a table football tournament with fantastic rewards, photowall, moderation and drinks. Since all table football players were blue, Dinamo has always won (and lost).

Lucky 7

the bank always loses



Ilica 37


Dress code: Black Tie with Tie


There is a locked letterbox.

There are 7 keys, just one opens the post box.

Players may choose to place bets on one key.

Just one bet at one time.

Queue up to place a bet.

After placing a bet, another player has to place a bet.

The decision concerning the selected key has to be done quickly.

There will always be at least 10 Kuna in the box from the bank.

The price for a bet is 10 Kuna.

These 10 Kuna go into the letterbox.

The Player then chooses the key that opens the letterbox

wins all the containing money.

If you place a bet, you get a free shot of rakija.

There is no recourse to the courts.

The final decision in disputes is made by the organiser.


Heavymetal / Leichtmetall

The viewers meet, drink beer and listen to heavy metal music. The empty beer cans are transformed into an object, by melting and casting them. The object is a visible proof of the happening having taken place.

Video documentation of “heavymetal / Leichtmetall”:

Text by Marija Kamber

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +43 664 2755880

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