Merri Mkrtchian
Aug 18, 2021

I am a visual artist and a writer. My field of interest is focused on the idea of unity and the ways to explore it, since I consider the human being as one of the greatest expressions of the universe, through which it is experiencing itself and its
endless possibilities of creativity. 

As a documentary video maker, I believe that everything is a material, and that it is always only a matter of framing. Working with the mixture of the sound, image and the text, through my artworks, I’m trying to build a space, which can become a trigger for  the personal insights and self-conversations.

Areas of interest: Mythology, Occultism, Sacred plants

What inspires you as an artist? The awake moments, and the idea of living in endless Now

Your favourite book(s): Ulysses by James Joyce, The Wisdom of Insecurity  by Alan Watts, Poems by Rilke, The Sound and the Fury by W. Faulkner

Your favourite film(s): Fanny and Alexander by Ingmar Bergman, The Color of Pomegranates by Sergei Parajanov, Ordet by C. T.  Dreyer,
All the movies by Jean-Luc Godard


MagiC Carpets project

MagiC Carpets project

6-month Online Art Residency Accompanied by a Long-term Mentorship Program & Production Grant for South Caucasian Women Photographers mentored by Newsha Tavakolian/Magnum Photos was implemented in the period of April–September 2021. See more about the Residency in here.


Contact information

Email: [email protected] | Instagram