Tanya Ibraimova
Mar 16, 2024

Ukrainian Nights, Homo Novus by Aivars Ivbulis

First of all, I am a human and then an artist. It helps to remember the responsibility of an artist to society. For me, it is important how art affects a person and his or her life. And at the same time, I am interested in how a person interacts with the world and changes it.

I was born and raised in Kyiv, and the political events in Ukraine greatly influenced my creative career.
I have a degree in fine arts and directing and have worked in various film and theatre projects. Also I take an active part in social movements.

Practice: Theatre and cinema

Areas of interest: Modern theatre, cinematography, relationships between people, authentic culture, social activism

Why are you a part of Magic Carpets: I like that so many different artists work on the same topic, it allows you to explore it in many ways, draw attention to really complex problems and find solutions for them. This is a great platform for communication and an opportunity to meet new interesting personalities and I am happy to become a part of it.

Magic Carpets project | Ukrainian Nights

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, my family and myself were forced to leave my home and become refugees. For months, I collected stories of eyewitnesses whose lives were changed by the war. I wanted to open for the viewer the atmosphere of a dim basement in which the characters are trying to save their lives. To the sounds of sirens and old Ukrainian songs, they share their intimate tragic stories, and the audience gets to know Ukrainian culture and our terrible modern reality. The main element of the scenery became an ordinary cardboard box – volunteer aid was packed into it, and some packed their whole lives, it became a wall between the living and the dead and was transformed into the ruins of a house destroyed by a rocket. We raised the issue of a crisis of faith when you are faced with continuous suffering, that anyone can suddenly become the hero of our play and how important it is to remain human even in the most difficult times.

Past projects


Type: Theatre

“Theatre of Street Satire” was created as a tool to influence the authorities by means of art. For each current event in society, we developed short satirical performances that attracted the attention of the press and television.



Type: Art production, journalism

A large independent media project for a real reflection of the events of the Revolution of Dignity on the Maidan in Ukraine. Social and educational projects, telebridges, live broadcasts and communication with an endless number of active and interesting artists, politicians and public activists. It was bright, powerful and risky.


Locomotor production 

Type: cinema production

An original project created for the communication and collaboration of artists of different levels of training and experience in the field of cinema. We created short documentaries and feature films, held artistic discussions and workshops.

What inspires you as an artist? Any little thing can give birth to whole fantastic worlds or give impetus to a script, picture, acting, etc. Words overheard, a leaf from a tree, a dream at night, light or music, a child’s face on the bus, a shadow or a stain on a tile… I like to observe people, explore the manifestations of personality in society, I am amazed by the integrity of nature and the scale of the cosmos, but I am also fascinated by some small things, for example, the pattern of skin or the texture of a stone – everything has a secret, a reason or a conflict. Anything can become a source of creation. It is important to be able to see it.

What do you think is the purpose of art? I think that art is one of the universal ways of knowing the world and, at the same time, a tool for influencing it. Consciously or subconsciously, each artist conducts his own dialogue with the universe. The result of this dialogue is an act of art, as a reflection of the value system in which you believe or are forced to believe. Anyway, art should encourage us to make this world better and strengthen our connection with the universe – all this gives meaning to our existence.


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