Carmen’s Brucic residency in Tbilisi
Aug 31, 2021

Austrian artist’s Carmen Brucic residency in Tbilisi is in progress.
Take a first glimpse to the artistic research “Private stages”
Looking for the famous protagonists of the queer youth movement in the present time in Tbilisi Carmen Brucic seeks to find some answers:
What is the biggest challenge for you at the moment?
How to save Freedom under suppression and attacks?
How to save love?
How to save the planet?
What is your recipe, how do you get through a shitty day? Or even a shitty year?
What is your wish for the future for your personal life? For your country? Is this „your“ country?
How do you manage your fears?
How do you manage your courage?
How can we be radical but stay soft and sensitive at the same time?
When Fame vanishes, what stays?
Tell me about Glory in Pandemic times, where do you “show off” now that everything is closed?
Who will you be in 10 years
… And in 50 years?
Creative Europe platform #MagiCCarpets lead by Kaunas biennial, implemented by Tbilisi Photo Festival, in cooperation with Openspace.innsbruck and in partnership with Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum