Rodari Offline

Talk with different voices on Gianni Rodari’s influence in Contemporary Art
The project Rodari Online that involved several Italian and Lithuanian artists will be presented in a live talk on FB, Wednesday 14th October, 5.30 pm.
The project was born during the lockdown and it was launched on digital platforms, after, it has been presented also to Palazzo delle Esposizioni’s Bookstore.
During the panel, we will talk about this project that gave us back Rodari’s tales in a contemporary perspection and we will listen also the artists.
The talk will give us also the possibility to have a conversation with Giulia Franchi, of the Educational Programmes of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, about the variety of the projects linked to the exhibition “From Munari to Rodari”, curated by Biblioteche di Roma and Corraini Edizioni.

The talk will take place on Live on Facebook – on Latitudo Art Projects’ channel – to avoid gathering people in respect of Covid-19 restrinctions.

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Oct 14 2020



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