Piazzetta delle Arti (Rome, Italy)
Feb 28, 2023

City Jungle in Rome by Marina Pietrocola

Piazzetta delle Arti (Corviale Art Square) is a multicultural and multidisciplinary space where different art realities are developing their own creativity. It is a colourful place full of artistic, cultural and social ferment. The Piazzetta, in addition to being a physical place is a space dedicated to creation, co-creation and education in which many artists from different fields come together to create new opportunities and stimuli for the neighborhood.

In the Piazzetta there are in fact:

  • Stamperia del Tevere: Visual arts lab / Socio-Cultural Association. The association develops workshops with the primary aim of raising awareness of creativity by activating exchanges between disciplines.
  • Comunità X: a group of artists who activated and participated in contemporary art life in the 1980s who have decided to continue developing their art and studies in Corviale.
  • Laboratorio di Città Corviale: a project, related to Roma Tre University, that was set up in 2018 with the aim of flanking the project for the physical transformation of Corviale. It is an indispensable tool for an urban regeneration programme in the neighborhood because it is able to intercept and collect the instances, needs and requirements of the suburbs.

The square in which these associations above gravitate, didn’t have a name but over the years this place had acquired a name (Piazzetta delle Arti) that immediately was recognisable for the district.

The reality in which all these organisations live, however, is not easy. There are many difficulties, first of all the occupation of spaces, the economic possibilities of maintaining them, the difficult involvement of local people and the lack of interest and attention of the Municipality to their work and above all, needs.

“Magic Carpets” projects

THE STREET KIDS: part of Magic Carpets Project 2020

TERRA MATER: Magic Carpets Project 2021

CITY JUNGLE: Magic Carpets Project 2022


All these three projects are linked to Piazzetta delle Arti which has been over the years a place of encounters and exchange.

For the project THE STREET KIDS (part of Magic Carpets Project 2020) Mykolas Juodele collaborated with Laboratorio di Città Corviale for the photographic project entitled “Progetto delle Memorie”. During his residency, in fact, Mykolas was helped and supported by the three architects and had the possibility to meet people of the Vacant Floor to know more about their life and needs.

For the project TERRA MATER (Magic Carpets Project 2021) many workshops and creative activities were organised in collaboration with Stamperia del Tevere and Laboratorio di Città Corviale in the square. They, not only participated in the activities but helped and supported us to create and realize them.

For the project CITY JUNGLE (Magic Carpets Project 2022): we focused our attention on the Amphitheatre and its green surrounding. For this project (since it was also part of a bigger initiative: Città Foresta – winning project of the public tender Estate Romana 2022 – Riaccendiamo la Città Insieme) all Piazzetta delle Arti (Stamperia del Tevere, Laboratorio di Città Corviale and Comunità X worked closely with the artists by giving life to electronical music events, meetings, discussions, photographic sessions.

Number of community members included in the project: 13

All of these art organisations have always collaborated with us in the development of projects related to MagiC Carpets (and not only). There have been always a mutual collaboration participating in workshops, meetings, discussions, debates, events, final restitutions. Their involvement in our projects is linked to several reasons: first of all, the human factor that binds us. In fact, we (as Latitudo AP) since several years became part of one unique group. Their trust in us (as a partner organisation of Magic Carpets) encourages them to always be there and to be our gate keeper with the community who live there. Their involvement is also linked to our desire to actively include them as experts in art and print. They are always curious and happy to be involved and every year they participate with care, passion and fun in our workshop activities and in our projects in general.

Although they are all linked to the territorial and social reality of the neighborhood and they all work within the Piazzetta, the various participants have never established themselves as a “single group”. For this reason, we thought that the nomination for the ‘Community Award’ would not only allow them to continue developing artistic/cultural/social activities, but also consolidate them as a group. The idea is to use the awarded amount to continue their activities open to the social fabric of the territory in order to create moments of growth, aggregation and training.



Stamperia del Tevere / Laboratorio di Città Corviale


Stamperia del Tevere / Laboratorio di Città Corviale


Stamperia del Tevere / Laboratorio di Città Corviale / Comunità X