Marko Jozic & Tatjana Mateša

Full name: Marko Jozic & Tatjana Mateša
Currently lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia
Organization: Novo Kulturno Naselje
Areas of interest: 
Arts and Culture
Your favourite book:
Ivo Andrić “Signs by the roadside”
Your favorite films: 
Meetings with Remarkable Man, Lobster, Odyssey 2001

Tatjana: I was born in 1989 in a small city in Serbia, near Novi Sad. Since the elementary school (I guess as everyone who is involved in arts), my aspiration was growing towards experiencing all kinds of art fields. During high school, when I was studying medicine, I figured out how being involved in art is not only a question of creation outside your own body, my ideas about becoming an artist were serious as I saw it at that time. Finally, after graduation at the Academy of Arts (drama department -acting) and founding NGO Novo Kulturno Naselje my main role become to support, organise and curate art projects. Now, being involved in Magic Carpets project for me is like again starting at school where I will learn more about myself and what arts and culture actually means and can do for us. It seems like the never-ending process, where experiencing the role of emerging curator brings you one step closer to the answers we will never be able to answer to, but still we are eager to try.

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets?

My current interest is learning about artists residency programmes and exchanging processes for the future Cultural Center in our neighbourhood as well as upgrading knowledge about relationship among curator, artists and community.

Why have you chosen to be a curator or why has curatorship chosen you?

As I already explained in the bio section, it was a logical flow through my experience in arts and culture. I am currently at the very beginning considering myself as a curator. So, curatorship chosen me that was not my choice by purpose, but I am very grateful for this experience I am going through now.  The most valuable thing I am getting from it is being in touch with people in Magic Carpets and – as trite as it might sound, to learn, learn, and learn.

What do you think is the purpose of art?

Art does not have any specific purpose, it is a simple act of one human being as breathing or walking. Although we always consider it as something “outside of its realm”, art is actually something very much form this world, very much something natural to every human being… If I had to choose not the purpose but a quality of art, it would be its transformative nature. And in the end, it is pretty much clear that this opinion is changing during the lifetime, so thinking about the art’s purpose is more like mirroring ourselves, so we can better explain ourselves to… well, ourselves.

Past projects you are proud of (before MC)?

Art Quart – Start! (Acting teacher / Art manager) This project joins several parts of Novi Sad, during which focus groups in every part of the city spend 8 weeks exploring one art field – acting, sculpturing, dancing, music, directing and presenting it as a performance, theatre play, short movie… as the final show. This project is designed to promote and explain the meaning of art sections to young people, raise a question about the presence of art in schools, motivate young people to visit other parts of the city and exchange experience with others, learn and open about unfamiliar things or things that scare them the most. It gives the voice to youngsters and give them an opportunity to talk about things they find important… Lecturers are mostly professional artists or even students of the specific art field that they are teaching. It is really important to highlight that there is no any censorship or formatting regarding the final show, whatever kids want to say or whatever way they choose to express themselves, we are there just to support them and provide resources.



2019, Year II



2018, Year I


Contact details:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +381640797616