Jam Factory Art Center: I am where I am fine. Part I
Jan 12, 2021


“I am where I am fine” is the core topic of the artistic residency in Lviv organized by Jam Factory Art Center.

The main idea is to remember that at any moment, we can ask ourselves about emotional and physical state, and each of us has the opportunity to change the situation for the better.

Emerging artists Jacopo Natoli and Guendalina Salini (Rome, Italy), Serhiy Petlyuk (Lviv, Ukraine), Iryna Ruzina (Kyiv, Ukraine).

The project focused on teenagers who are in their turning point from childhood to adult life, and who are in a fragile state. Artists tried to give them other images of bright activity, doing things together, sharing and co-creating in their area, their Pidzamche.

Part 1 of the video recap of the residency 2020.