Giulia Pardini

Photo by Karolis Pilypas Liutkevičius / Nanook

Full name: Giulia Pardini
Currently lives and works in Rome, Italy
Organization: Latitudo 
Areas of interest: I am interested in the performance and visual arts and in the relationship between the art and the environment, between the politics and the society.
Favorite book: Jose Saramago, Ensaio sobre a Cegueira
Favorite films: Mervyn LeRoy, Little Women (1949) and Federico Fellini, 8 ½ (1963)

I am a dynamic and open-minded person.
The most beautiful thing about being a curator is the possibility to meet artists and experience their different points of view every day and in every single moment.
Working with artists helps me to see the world without filters.

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets?

I am a part of MagiC Carpets since this platform provides us with a possibility to expand our visions.

Why have you chosen to be a curator or why has curatorship chosen you?

I am just inspired by these few words:

“Today, curating as a profession means at least four things. It means to preserve, in the sense of safeguarding the heritage of art. It means to be the selector of new work. It means to connect to art history. And it means displaying or arranging the work. But it’s more than that. Before 1800, few people went to exhibitions. Now hundreds of millions of people visit them every year. It’s a mass medium and a ritual. The curator sets it up so that it becomes an extraordinary experience.” (Hans Ulrich Obrist)

What do you think is the purpose of art?

I am thinking about the famous Italian artist Giuseppe Penone and his work “Rovesciare gli occhi”: he invites us to see what he is seeing, through his eyes. Thanks to the art and to the eyes of the artists, we can see the world in different ways.

Past projects you are proud of (before MC)?

Hub for Matera 2019: percorsi di progettualità is a dossier elaborated by a group of 38 people, featuring a comprehensive research of the territory of Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019. The aim of this project was to give the town ideas and suggestions for a better development of the town and its network looking forward to 2019.

Contact details:

E-mail: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Giulia Pardini
Instagram: hulia4
Facebook: giulia.pardini.9

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